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new car

So you've just purchased a new car, you want it to have that "showroom finish" for as long as possible, right?

This is the answer.

Vehicle collection and drop-offs at your home or work address can be arranged. Vehicles must be emptied prior to arrival.

New Car

Price: From £440

Duration: 1-2 days

If you’re buying or have just bought a new vehicle, and want the best protection whilst also keeping it looking showroom fresh, our New Car Detail will provide exactly that.

Most would be surprised to find that even brand new cars leave the factory with defects to the paintwork, furthered by dealerships often using poor washing techniques after the car is delivered. These include scratches, marring, buffer trails/rotary holograms and metallic fallout.

Often dealerships will up-sell you on similarly advertised packages costing upwards of £300 – £400, offering promises that your car will never need polishing or waxing again during your ownership. In most cases this is not the case as often coatings are either incorrectly applied, prepared for, or not applied at all. Their in-house valeters will usually not possess the training required to correctly apply the protection they are advertising.

Our New Car Protection Detail takes 1-2 days unlike the couple of hours quoted at a dealership, which in itself proves our point.


We use a range of carefully selected tools and products, protecting your vehicle from the elements and other factors such as UV light.

We also offer extras including coating of interior fabrics, mats and plastics to protect them from dirt, spillages and usual wear and tear.

We would always advise that you request the dealership does not clean the car prior to collection, as this can cause additional defects and depending on the products used, hide marks making them difficult to resolve.

  • Extensive Safe Wash process and three-stage decontamination

  • Wheel faces and inner barrels thoroughly cleaned

  • Two-Bucket wash method used with pH neutral products

  • Vehicle rinsed and dried with plush microfibre towels

  • Single-Stage machine polish using a finishing polish to remove surface defects

  • Paintwork cleansed to remove any residue remaining from the polishing process

  • Feynlab Lite Ceramic Coating applied (2 year coating also available from £50)

  • Wheel faces ceramic coated to protect against salt and brake dust build-up

  • Trims and tyres dressed and protected

  • Exhaust tip(s), badges and grills polished and protected

  • Glass cleaned, polished and protected


We recommend the following optional extras to keep your vehicle shining and protected from all elements and conditions.

  • CC Platinum Paint – 2 Year Coating: From £50

  • Feynlab Ceramic – 3 Year Coating: From £100

  • Wheel Barrels Ceramic Coated: From £100


We recommend the following optional extras to keep your vehicle shining and protected from all elements and conditions.

  • Standard Interior Valet: From £25

  • Full Interior Valet: From £75

  • Engine Bay Detail: From £30

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