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A Ceramic Coating is an advanced form of protection for your paintwork/wheels. While its functions are similar to that of a sealant, the levels of protection provided are increased ten-fold, meaning your paint retains that showroom shine for as long as five years to come.

While Sealants are good at what they do, they are applied as a very thin, soft layer on top of your paint and therefore, they break down and dissipate over time. As well as that, harsh/cheap chemicals can break down sealants and strip them from your paint.

A Ceramic Coating on the other hand, once applied dries as a solid layer over the top of your paint. It is almost a second layer of clear lacquer, but with hydrophobic properties which also amplify the glossiness of the original paint. This means incredibly easy maintenance, and constant levels of gloss.

Before considering having a ceramic coating your car must have had some level of machine polishing. This is to ensure your car is clean and contaminant free to help create a perfect bond, and that it has the desired level of paint correction before applying the ceramic coating.

Paint coatings

Platinum Paint (2 Year)

This dedicated paint coating forms a permanent bond directly to the paint’s surface becoming the active top layer.

Protecting your paint from fallout, bird droppings tar, chemicals, UV rays & even minor scratches for up to two years.

Unlike ordinary waxes, this sealant has anti-static & self-cleaning properties making this very low maintenance.

Feynlab Ceramic (3 Year)

Feynlab® Ceramic – engineered for extreme durability & protection for painted automotive surfaces.


As an ultra-high solids coating ceramic adds intense gloss, U.V. & heat protection, intense chemical resistance, and increased protection from light ‘love marks’ from washing.

Feynlab Ceramic chemical resistance is from pH2 – pH12 on the pH scale, making contamination such as tree sap, bird droppings, tar and hard water spots easier to remove and maintain.

additional coatings

R-evolve Wheel Coating

Protect your alloys with a ceramic coating. This helps repel brake dust, salt and dirt - making cleaning far easier.

Glass Coating (up to 2 years)

Gtechniq G1 ClearVision provides protection as well as hydrophobic properties to your car’s windshield and other glass for up to 2 years / 30,000 miles.

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